“Service is the virtue that distinguished the great of all times and which they will be remembered by. It places a mark if nobility upon its disciples. It is the dividing line which separates the two great groups of the world—those who help and those who hinder, those who lift and those who lean, those who contribute and those who only consume. How much better it is to give than to receive. Service in any form is comely and beautiful. To give encouragement, to impart sympathy, to show interest, to banish fear, to build self confidence and awaken hope in the hearts if others, in short—to love them and to show it—is to render the most precious service.”
— ― Bryant S. Hinckley
“Between stimulus and response, there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and freedom”
— Stephen Covey - First Things First

"Wat deed deze cirkel in dit godvergeten gat?"

“Do not be impatient with your seemingly slow progress. Do not try to run faster than you presently can. If you are studying, reflecting and trying, you are making progress whether you are aware of it or not. A traveler walking the road in the darkness of night is still going forward. Someday, some way, everything will… break open, like the natural unfolding of a rosebud.

Yes, Diverse Teams Make For Better Innovations

On a gut level, we can all agree that diverse teams are great for innovation. It makes complete sense that a group smart people with different sets of knowledge would be better than a team of like-minded individuals. But is it actually true? According to a few recent studies, the answer is yes. Teams that file patents for industrial innovations, for example, are more likely to be comprised of members with deep expertise in different disciplines, and the most influential scientific papers — i.e., the most highly cited — tend to be interdisciplinary in nature. The evidence, it seems, backs up our intuitions: assembling a diverse team may not guarantee success, but it will certainly increase the odds.

SOURCE: The Case for Team Diversity Gets Even Better by David Feitler

“In the cave you fear to enter, lies the treasure you seek”
— Joseph Campbell

Becoming a Hero

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”
— Plato

One Day on Earth

“In the elder days of art
Builders wrought with greatest care
Each minute and unseen part,
For the Gods are everywhere”
“Of all modern notions, the worst is this: that domesticity is dull. Inside the home, they say, is dead decorum and routine; outside is adventure and variety. But the truth is that the home is the only place of liberty, the only spot on earth where a person can alter arrangements suddenly, make an experiment or indulge in a whim. The home is not the one tame place in a world of adventure; it is the one wild place in a world of set rules and set tasks.”
— G.K Chesterton
“Pak het moeilijke aan als het nog makkelijk is.
Doe het grote als het nog klein is.”
— Lao Tse
Manifesto for busy people

Manifesto for busy people